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Publication Highlights


Gene Duplication and Differential Expression of Flower Symmetry Genes in Rhododendron (Ericaceae).
Ramage et al. 2021

"Our evidence supports CYC orthologs as the primary regulators of differential organ growth in Rhododendron flowers, while also suggesting certain deviations from the typical asterid gene regulatory network for flower symmetry."

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High-quality evergreen azalea genome reveals tandem duplication-facilitated low-altitude adaptability and floral scent evolution. Wang et al. 2021

"The R. ovatum genome provides insights into low-altitude adaptation and gain or loss of floral fragrance for Rhododendron species, which are valuable for alpine plant domestication and floral scent breeding."

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Funding Opportunities

Call for Proposals 

The Research Foundation of The American Rhododendron Society invites proposals for both basic and applied studies, with particular interest in projects that comport value for Rhododendron growers, including but not limited to: genetics, physiology, ecology, conservation, breeding, propagation, and systematics.

Open to all nationalities, both students and established researchers are invited to apply.

Application deadline January 15, 2022.

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The Harold Greer Memorial Student Conference Award

This NEW Student award named in honor of noted Rhododendron plantsman Harold Greer (pictured here) funds students in horticulture and plant sciences to attend and present a poster at the American Rhododendron Society National Convention in Portland OR.

Application deadline January 15, 2022.

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Conferences & Networking

Apply to become an Affiliate of the Global Conservation Consortium for Rhododendron

The Global Conservation Consortia (GCC) is a collective effort which aims to mobilize a coordinated network of institutions and experts to collaboratively develop and implement comprehensive conservation strategies for priority threatened plant groups.

Consortium Affiliates may or may not be associated with a botanical organization. They will receive communications about consortium activities, and may support, collaborate, or advise on any Consortium activities. Additional roles such as Species Stewards and Steering Committee Members for GCCR will then be invited.

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Virtual Connections Series
NOW Available on YouTube

The R-RN August Virtual Connections Series featured talks from an international group of speakers covering all aspects of Rhododendron, from horticulture to conservation to ecology, and medicinal chemistry. These talks are now available for viewing on our YouTube Channel, featuring:
Rhododendron pests and diseases in a changing climate
Dr. Jean H. Burns – Associate Professor, Case Western Reserve University
A systematic approach to phytochemically evaluate the antimicrobial activities of a large subset of Rhododendron species
Prof. Dr. Matthias S. Ullrich, Jacobs University Bremen

Virtual ARS Fall Conference
October 23-24, 2021

FREE TO ATTEND! Talks covering horticulture, conservation and exploration of Rhododendron:
  • Sichuan: A Plantsman’s Paradise
  • Your Living Soil
  • From Rhododendrons to Rock Gardening
  • A Walk in the Woods
  • Conservation of Heritage Rhododendrons
  • Landscape Mulches – The Good, The Bad, and The Just Plain Ugly
  • Growing Rhododendrons in Québec’s Harsh Winters
  • Fragrant Rhododendrons
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Ask Me ANYTHING About Rhododendrons
Members of the public are invited to STUMP the EXPERTS

November 24th 2-3pm Eastern Standard Time

We’ll host a panel of experts in Rhododendron horticulture, ecology, and physiology to answer questions submitted by the public. Tune in to see how these experts handle tough questions and learn about new dimensions of Rhododendron that you may not have previously considered!

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