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January 24, 2022

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    • Rhododendron research poster session
    • Greer Conference Award - new deadline March 1st
    • Ask Me Anything Facebook Live Event
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American Rhododendron Society
Research Resources

The Seed Exchange is OPEN

Seeds collected by American Rhododendron Society members from around the world are offered for sale at the exchange. Until March 15th only members of the American Rhododendron Society may order seed. After March 15th anyone may order seeds.

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Recent Publication Highlights

Incongruent phylogenies and their implications for the study of diversification, taxonomy, and genome size evolution of Rhododendron. Khan et al. 2021

"We endorse the recognition of five major clades at the subgeneric level, but a number of species cannot be confidently assigned to these clades due to incongruency. With regard to genome size evolution, results support previous reports that genome sizes of tropical plants are lower than those of colder and temperate regions and that genome downsizing promotes diversification."

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Phytochemical rich Himalayan Rhododendron arboreum petals inhibit SARS-CoV-2 infection in vitro. Lingwan et al. 2021

"This is the first report highlighting R. arboreum petals as a reservoir of antiviral phytochemicals with potential anti-SARS-CoV-2 activity using an in vitro system."

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Conferences and Networking

Rhododendron Research Poster Session

You are invited to present your research at the ARS 2022 Spring Convention.
When: Saturday May 7th from 2-5 PM
Where: Heathman Lodge, Vancouver Washington

We welcome posters describing any project on Rhododendron, including research, horticulture, education, conservation, citizen science, plant exploration. If you did a project concerning Rhododendron, we want to hear about it! Submit a brief abstract (400-words or less) by March 1st, 2022, to:
Juliana Medeiros (jmedeiros@holdenfg.org)

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Greer Conference Award
New Deadline March 1st!

Funds are available for students pursuing a degree in horticulture or botanical sciences to present a poster of their research at the 2022 ARS Convention on May 7, 2022 in Vancouver Washington.

This award is made in honor of noted plantsman and rhododendron expert Harold Greer, who championed education and student support in addition to his immeasurable contribution to Rhododendron horticulture.

The award includes $500 to cover conference expenses, a free one-year student-category membership to The American Rhododendron Society, and one complementary conference registration. 

Online Application>>

Ask Me Anything About Rhododendrons Facebook Live Event

We hosted a panel of experts in Rhododendron horticulture, ecology, and physiology to answer questions submitted by the public. Tune in to see how these experts handled the tough questions and learn about something new about Rhododendron.

View a recording of the event on the R-RN Facebook Page HERE

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Over the course of 2021 the R-RN Facebook Page made 150 posts and reached over 408,000 audience members, providing education to the public about the importance of Rhododendron research.

In addition, our newsletter is delivered quarterly to researchers in the US, China, Australia, the UK, and Europe, connecting our global research community and bringing you the latest research articles, events and job openings.

Please consider submitting an article for inclusion in our newsletter and social media channels.

Articles include one or more compelling photos, a short paragraph describing the work, along with a link to more information.

Submit your articles via email to R-RN Social Media Coordinator Moses Brashear (thephytofan@gmail.com)

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