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Rhododendron Literature Database

With over 2.5 million scientific papers published each year, it can be difficult and time-consuming to identify articles relevant to Rhododendron research. To address this, the R-RN has created an online Rhododendron literature database available to everyone. With 2500+ references, the database has excellent coverage for years 1980-2018. New publications will be added to the database quarterly. American Rhododendron Society volunteers are assisting to add references published prior to 1980, some publications dating as far back as 1571.

We are using the freeware Mendeley for the Rhododendron literature database. In order to comply with rules on sharing PDFs within Mendeley two types of groups with the same set of references are maintained. These are:

"Invite-Only Group".  Anyone can join this group.
Search articles and promote your work. This group is best for those who have ready access to PDFs. Only members of the group are allowed to add content, but the group is visible to the public, and references and comments posted to the group are publicly displayed. This group does not allow sharing of PDFs between group members, but abstracts can be included.

"Private Group".  Only R-RN members can join a private group.
Search articles, promote your work, and collaborate with other researchers. Best for those who have difficulty obtaining PDFs. The group is not visible to the public. Group members can add PDFs as desired, but storage for the entire group is limited to 2 gigabytes, unless all members purchase storage upgrades. This group has a limit of 20 invitations. Multiple groups can be formed as needed.

To request an invitation to join either group use the form provided below. The invitation will contain instructions how to establish a Mendeley login account. Please note the desktop computer version of Mendeley is required to search documents within either group.

To receive an invitation to access the R-RN Mendeley literature database fill in and submit the form below.

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I request to join the:

     Invite-Only Group  (More members to interact with, no sharing of PDFs)

     Private Group  (Limit of 20 members, share PDFs, must be R-RN member to join)

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