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Research Coordination Network Proposal
Group Leader: Juliana Medeiros

We are currently seeking participants for a proposal to the National Science Foundation Research Coordination Networks, which lists the goal of the program as: "to advance a field or create new directions in research or education by supporting groups of investigators to communicate and coordinate their research, training and educational activities across disciplinary, organizational, geographic, and international boundaries." Anyone involved in any aspect of Rhododendron research is invited to participate. A proposal draft will be sent to all members of the R-RN and scheduling for group meetings will begin June 1. Participant expectations will include: Attend three 2-hour Zoom planning meetings August, September, October 2023. Contribute text and feedback for draft proposal. Contribute Biosketch, COI, and other required NSF forms.

Rhododendrons International Special Issue
Group Leader: Editor, Glen Jamieson

We are seeking article submissions for a Special Issue of Rhododendrons International focused on Rhododendron Research. This online open access journal publishes articles on all aspects of Rhododendron for a broad audience, meaning that your work will be accessible to people in different scientific disciplines and to the general public. Participant expectations include: craft a short, informative report (<4000 words) highlighting research in rhododendron, including major findings, how the general public might use or benefit from the study results, along with the next steps suggested by this work. Use language accessible to a general audience. Deadline for submission December, 2023. Expected publication late 2024.

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Continue development of Rhododendron Traits Database
Group Leader: Bob Weissman

During 2022 we worked on a prototype rhododendron trait database using initial data provided by R-RN members. The database will accept trait data for Rhododendron species and will be searchable online at the R-RN website. This work continues in 2023. We are not currently seeking additional participants for this activity but testing opportunities are expected to be available at a later date.

Rhododendron Literature Database
Group Leader: Juliana Medeiros

In 2022 we added hundreds of new references from Google Scholar and transitioned our database from Mendeley to Zotero, a free platform. References are still being updated in Mendeley, but Mendeley is deprecated with Zotero now being the preferred platform. Check out and join our Zotero Group with over 3200 Rhododendron literature references. We are currently seeking additional participants for this activity. Participant expectations include data entry and editing. testing and troubleshooting of software updates/changes.

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Convention Poster Sessions
Group Leader: Juliana Medeiros

The R-RN will host a poster session at the 2023 American Rhododendron Society/Azalea Society of America Convention GEORGIA with AZALEAS on MY MIND, taking place in Atlanta, Georgia April 18-23. Attendance by early career poster presenters at the event were funded by The Research Foundation of the American Rhododendron Society and the Azalea Research Foundation. Plans for a 2024 session at the ARS Convention in Bellingham Washington are already in the works, with funding available for Early Career Researchers.

Group Leader: Juliana Medeiros

We invite news articles from R-RN members. To better-accommodate announcements of American Rhododendron Society Research Committee funding opportunities, newsletters will now be published in April and October with occasional publications in January and July as news warrants.

Social Media

We have an R-RN Facebook Page with over 600 followers, and we are currently seeking a social media Working Group leader and volunteers to craft informative posts concerning any aspect of Rhododendron Research.

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Seeking Working Group Leaders for Community-based Research

To support our commitment to public engagement in Rhododendron research, we are currently seeking Working Group Leaders to propose and lead activities for the the Community-based Research Working Group. The American Rhododendron Society is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to encourage interest in and to disseminate information about the genus Rhododendron. Members' experience ranges from novice to expert. Society activities include public education, plant sales, flower shows, seed exchanges, and scientific research. The Society provides a medium through which people interested in rhododendrons and azaleas can communicate and cooperate with others via its publications, events, local and regional meetings and international conferences. This Working Group will conduct activities that intersect members of the public with information, events and hands-on activities related to Rhododendron research.


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